Blinged Out By Bella is a place where inspiration and customized bling have purpose!

We are a one-stop shop for high-quality screen printing and custom designs! Whether you have a high, medium, or low budget project, we have the solutions to meet your needs with our creative designs. We are a small business located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are not only looking forward to serving our community but everyone who is interested in turning their vision into reality with expertise.

At Blinged Out By Bella, we design everything in-house, we foster long standing relationships with fashion brands and garment vendors. Our expertise and partnerships gives us confidence in providing the best quality garments, affordable rates, and a fast turn around. With that being said, we spend quality time and provide great attention to detail on every order to make sure it is exactly what you want and it articulates your vision!

Bling Out By Bella is a movement that is essential to living a blessed and purposeful lifestyle! 


Blinged Out By Bella Encourages You to "Be Blessed".

The heart of our brand is to remind, motivate, and encourage others keep the faith and live their best lives!

Our "Be Blessed Collection" represents our belief and signature touch: 

In-spite of your current circumstances, what life throws your way, or what you or a loved one may be going through you are blessed! You have the power to transform your mind, and continue to Be Blessed!